The ETEVK International Congress is a unique platform for communication and exchange of experience of experts, whose activities are aimed at the development of territories and their systems of life support. For more than 20 years (since 1997), this Congress has brought together representatives of: enterprises and manufacturers of state-of-the-art equipment, local governments and government agencies, scientific institutions and professional consultants, international financial institutions and aid recipients, NGOs and others. He heads Congress – the central executive body for sustainable development of territories and housing and communal services, now the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine. The purpose of the Congress is to introduce and support mechanisms of interaction of all interested parties in the processes of formation and formation of united territorial communities, exchange of up-to-date information on the actual state of enterprises and life support systems, discussing new opportunities for development of territories and ways of their realization. This is the main difference between ETEVK and similar measures. During the Congress, plenary meetings and personal meetings of the Forum participants will take place, specialized sections, round tables and a technical exhibition of the latest technologies, equipment, materials, etc. will work. A Congressional Report is published on the topics of the Congress, which contains materials on the most urgent issues of the current industry, and at the end of the Congress – a special Resolution on the results of its work. Due to the temporary occupation of Crimea in 2014, the venue of the Congress was moved from Yalta to Chernomorsk, where ETEVK-2015, ETEVK-2017 and ETEVK-2019 took place. All-round support and assistance in organizing the Congress of Odessa Regional State Administration and the Mayor of the Black Sea give hope that Chernomorsk will remain a permanent venue for the ETEVK International Congress. You can see the sights of Chernomorsk at the link.