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EkotonIndustrial group EKOTON Ukraine, 63503, Kharkiv region m. Chuguyiv Str. Vokzal’na 26E
tel. + 38 (057) 751 91 01

The ECOTON Industrial Group was founded in 1995. The company began its efforts to succeed in the production of aeration systems only, but over 20 years of existence has become a powerful manufacturer of a wide range of sewage treatment equipment. The main area of ​​activity of the Industrial Group ECOTON is the development, production and implementation of modern high-performance technologies and equipment for wastewater treatment at water and wastewater facilities of communal organizations and industrial enterprises. Today, at ECOTON factories, more than 35 types of own equipment are produced for sewage treatment and mechanical dewatering of sediment. There are more than 300 highly skilled workers in the three ECOTON factories in Ukraine, Poland and Russia equipped with modern equipment. ECOTON Industrial Group produces the following types of equipment:

  • Sewerage mechanized lattices (burglary, step, katenarny, screw, drum, lattice-crusher, waste crusher);
  • Screw conveyors and pushing presses;
  • Tangential, Horizontal and Combined Sandpits;
  • Sweeteners and mudoscrabs, combing drains, central glasses, reflectors, semi-submersible boards for the arrangement of primary and secondary sedimentation ponds;
  • Shield shutters;
  • Aeration and drainage systems;
  • Complexes of mechanical dewatering of sediment based on tape and chamber filter presses, thickeners, screw and multidisk dehydrators;
  • Flotation units and flocculant preparation stations.

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Tour CB21 – 16 place de l’Iris
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With 90,000 employees on five continents, SUEZ is a global leader in intelligent and sustainable resource management. We offer water and waste management solutions that enable cities and industry to optimize resource management and improve their environmental and economic performance in line with regulatory standards. In order to meet the increasing demands on the quality of resources and overcome the problem of their shortages, SUEZ takes the most active part in the resource revolution. Thanks to the full potential of digital technology and innovative solutions, SUEZ processes 17 million tons of waste per year, produces 3.9 million tonnes of recycled materials and 7 TWh of local renewable energy. The company also provides for the conservation of water resources, providing 58 million people with sewage treatment services and reusing 882 million cubic meters. m of sewage. In 2018, the SUEZ group received a total revenues of 17.3 billion euros.