placesFor the third time the Congress and technical exhibition “ETEVK” is held in the city of Chernomorsk, Odessa region. Chornomorsk – the city is young, so there are not many historical places. Nevertheless, he can offer a lot of interesting not only to his guests, but also to the residents. A mandatory place to visit is the seaside park located along the entire line of the city beach on Parkovaya Street. The inhabitants and guests of the city are pleased to walk in numerous alleys, enjoying the scents of the sea, pines and roses, which is famous for the city. On the square near the Seaside staircase there are large-scale city concerts and smaller, but equally interesting performances by small creative groups.

морякThe basic hotel of the Congress is the hotel complex “Moriak”, in which the headquarters of the secretariat is located.Hotel complex “Moriak” is located in the center of the city of Chornomorsk, 16 km from Odessa. All rooms of the hotel meet the modern requirements of the hotel service. Keeping the atmosphere of hospitality, traditionally, the administration and staff of the hotel “Moriak” cordially welcome tourists, a large number of delegations, foreign guests and businessmen.
Address: Prospekt Mira 15, Chornomorsk, Odessa region, 68000.

IMG_4906The venue for the congress is the “Metropolis” entertainment center, which is a 5-minute walk from the hotel complex “Moriak”. The entertainment center “Metropolis” is located in the coastal zone, with its terrace with a magnificent view of the Black Sea.
Address: Parkovaya street 15, Chornomorsk, Odessa region, 68000.