Introductory word

Dear Colleagues!

We would like to invite you to the forthcoming 12th International Congress and the Technical Exhibition ‘ETEVK-2019’ (Ecology, Heat supply, Energy saving, Water Supply, Sewerage) which will be held in Chornomorsk, Odessa region, in June 10-14 2019. During the congress and the technical exhibition, the following blocks of questions will be highlighted. Plumbing and sewerage unit:

  • Modern technologies for cleaning drinking and sewage
  •  Control of water quality
  • Reagents and materials for water purification processes
  • Disinfection of drinking and sewage
  • Treatment and disposal of sediments
  • Distribution systems
  • Energy saving
  • Equipment for water supply and sewage systems
  • Measuring technology and automation of technological processes
  • Economics and management in the water supply and sewerage industry
  • Investments in the water supply and sewerage industry
  • Problems of reforming housing and communal services
  • Water protection and ecology.

Waste Management Unit:

  • Development of regional waste management plans
  • Separate collection and removal of waste
  • Waste sorting and recycling
  • Waste utilization: biogas, waste incineration, W2E
  • Waste utilization: MSW landfills, landfill filtration processing
  • Waste management in Ukraine: the current state of the market segments and their prospects for development
  • Modern trends in waste management in cities and united territorial communities.

The Organizing Committee appeals to all enterprises, organizations and firms with the request to provide sponsorship to the Congress and the Technical Exhibition “ETEWS-2019″. For sponsors, special offers are available.