The main documents and materials of the Congress will be published in a special collection. Publications in the collection have certain requirements.
Materials (articles) on the subject of “ETEVK-2020″ can be submitted in any of three languages: Ukrainian, Russian or English. However, the title of the article, the authors, the institution, and the summary (which reflects the essence of the issue under consideration) are placed at the beginning of the article in all 3 languages.
Time New Roman 12 pt single line spacing is used for typing. Tables and figures should be clear, positioned in the text after being referenced, and be accessible for formatting. It is desirable to reduce the list of used literary sources to 5-6 references. The contact details of one of the authors of the publication are added on a separate page.
Visit link to download a sample of the publication.
Materials for publication are to be submitted only electronically to the following e-mail address:
The decision to publish is made by the congressional editorial team.
The submission deadline for the publication is April 17, 2020.

Contact us for help +380(44)2482355 (Kravchenko Nina D.)