The most popular attractions Chernomorsk


The city of Chernomorsk (until 2016 Illichivsk), located on the Black Sea coast, 20 kilometers from Odessa, is one of the most famous port and resort cities of Ukraine, the only one in the country has a beach marked with the Blue Flag. Modern Chernomorsk is actively developing, has developed infrastructure and transport accessibility. In the Black Sea there are many green spaces, parks and squares, public beaches are equipped. The industrial area is separated from the residential and absolutely does not interfere with a pleasant holiday. Along the Black Sea promenade stretched Seaside Park (very interesting in terms of landscape design), where you can relax, enjoy the magnificent landscapes and sculptures. At the end of the promenade is a colonnade and stairs to the sea, which descend down to the beach and end with a spacious observation deck. The stairs were opened in 2014, but literally since the beginning of construction, they were dubbed a copy of the Potemkin Stairs in Odessa. They are really very similar: they say even that the Black Sea builders used drawings of the Odessa monument, but out of respect for the history of Odessa-mom made the Maritime Stairs shorter (there are 155 steps, whereas in Odessa – 192). In front of the city council, in the center of the flowerbed, is a stone slab with a relief depicting the prophet Elijah, a biblical saint known for his asceticism, compassion, and intolerance of other religions. The inhabitants of the Black Sea consider him the patron saint of the city.

In the center of the city is the Youth Park ( appeared in the second half of the XX century), with numerous statues reflecting the rich history of the region. For example, the faces of Cossacks and hetmans, carved in the trunks of dry trees, are reminiscent of the soldiers of the Black Sea Cossacks – they settled here at the end of the eighteenth century. The “Amphora Girl” statue, executed in a pseudoclassical style, symbolizes the region’s Greek past, for thousands of years ago there were colonies of Greeks. Also in the park is a sculptural composition “Golden Fleece”, on the slopes of which stands the king of the mountain – golden sheep, and, even, his own Stonehenge.

Lighthouse is a business card of any port city: the striped red and white tower of the Black Sea lighthouse can be seen from anywhere on the waterfront. It is located on the territory of one of the largest ports of the Odessa region – the Black Sea. The lighthouse was built in 1965 and finished only in 2005, its height – 19 meters. The history of the port itself began in 1956, when, due to increasing volumes of freight traffic on the Black Sea, it was decided to build another port in the area of Dry Liman southwest of Odessa.